tenancy link uk wirral and  the fraudster ray white

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Tenancy link uk and the fraudster raymond white

Raymond white and Tenancy link UK, you may ask who is this person and what is this company? Well for the poor unfortunate people who have had first-hand experience of the so called company will tell you, he is a rip off merchant who classes himself as a landlord agent. What does he do you may ask that makes him such an untrustworthy man, well let me fill you in, this man will take your hard earned money on the promise of a house that most of the time never materialises! You have to pay an upfront fee of £35 or some he charges £40 whichever he feels like at the time. He then tells you he will get you a house all you need to do is come up with a deposit (the landlords he is acting for DO NOT ask for this) it goes into his own bank account! This is illegal! The poor people who have given over the money as a deposit have NOT had it back after leaving the property. There have been people who have gotten in touch with myself who have been waiting for a property off this man 3 years down the line. Be warned as soon as you part with your money you are forgotten about! I have also been informed that people have got so sick of waiting they have asked for their money back (the contract you sign states nothing about a non-refund policy) it is law that if a property is not found a refund must be given if asked for it, but lone behold he refuses to refund you. As for the people he dose house the properties he puts you in are unfit and sometimes condemned by the environmental heath agency, legal requirements are not carried out on the properties and when you call for repairs you are fobbed off by his secretaries and no work is carried out. As for issues with the rent Raymond tells you he will "safeguard" your rent so all the payments go directly to him so he can take his cut and he passes the rest on to the landlord, This does not always happen and have been told people have had rent arrears and it is no fault of their own as they do not receive the rent as it all goes directly to Raymond. This company is being investigated by different government bodies and a number of people are taking private action to recover money from him. The money he has kept has paid for a boat of his own, 2 plush cars and his own house upgrades.

Please visit  https://www.facebook.com/ExposingTenancyLinkUkAndTheTruthAboutRaymondWhite?fref=ts for further information. An please leave a comment on the forum of any experience with Raymond and Tenancy Link UK.

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